The Story

Grass clippings began in 2018 for a couple of reasons.

First, we loved the name.

Second, we got to know an old golf greenskeeper in town and discovered he knew more about the golf course than anybody else at the golf course. And it was a damn old golf course. These greenskeepers are scientists, artists, and do it by their own means. We want to thank our local greenskeepers. But silent heroes don’t just stop there. Silent heroes are stayin’ grassy all over—in every industry.

Third, we felt it was needed.

Between the four of us golfers, not one brand out there truly spoke to us. We set out to design good, unique clothes that could represent the silent heroes.

Fourth, we wanted to build a golf tournament that could last.

No exclusivities, it’s simply based on a constitution that promotes good golf. A grinder, 2 day, 2 person scramble at a par 3 course. No strokes.

Stay grassy is our mantra. It seems to sum everything up.

We opened a store with clothes, art, coffee, beer, wine, & other cool stuff in Phoenix, Arizona. 40th & Campbell.

See you there!